How to Become a Macro Coach

The best macro coaches know the science behind calories and macros. They understand how to help clients find a sustainable approach that will keep them looking and feeling their best for years to come.

They also understand that a cookie-cutter, 1,200-calorie diet won’t work. Clients are smarter than ever and that stale, boring food plans won’t get them the results they want.


A macro coach can provide you with the guidance and tools that you need to achieve your health goals. They will work closely with you to get to know your body and help you determine your nutritional needs. They will also offer support and accountability throughout your journey. They will also help you develop sustainable eating habits that fit your lifestyle and goals.

Macro coaches can help you achieve your weight loss, muscle gain, or performance goals. They can also assist you in managing a medical condition. For example, if you have a food allergy, your macro coach can prepare an eating plan that fits your needs. They will also explain the benefits of a macro-based diet and answer any questions you may have about it.

When choosing a macro coach, make sure that they have a solid education in nutrition and exercise science. They should also have experience working with clients. This way, they can help you overcome any obstacles that you might encounter on your journey. Moreover, they should be knowledgeable about the different types of macros and how to calculate them.

The Macro Mentorship certification program is ideal for fitness professionals who are interested in leveling up their macro nutrition knowledge and coaching skills. This self-paced program includes online training, weekly calls and access to a supportive group of fitness coaches. Its dual approach to client programming and business mentorship makes it unique among other macronutrition courses.

The Macro Mentorship certification program is a good option for fitness professionals who want to grow their business and increase their impact. Its curriculum is comprehensive and covers all aspects of macro coaching, including client programming and business strategies. Upon completion, participants will have the skills and confidence to deliver a world-class macro coaching service to their clients.


Getting started as a macro coach requires training in nutrition, macronutrients, coaching, and business. This is typically a 4-month NASM, ISSA, and AFAA approved group coaching program with an optional business course that teaches the systems that coaches need to optimize their client results and scale their businesses.

The goal of a macro coach is to help clients create sustainable habits that will support their life and goals for years to come. Whether they are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or both, they need the right calories and macros to be successful. Often, people struggle with the all or nothing mentality and are frustrated by yo-yo dieting that leaves them feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Personalized macro coaching can help them change that and make the healthy eating lifestyle they desire a reality.

A macro coach will not only provide their clients with a personalized meal plan, but they will also be there to guide them through the process and help them navigate roadblocks. A coach will be able to identify when someone is lacking protein, for example, and help them figure out how to adjust their eating habits accordingly. They can also provide tips and tricks that they have learned over time that can help their clients.

Macro coaches can also be helpful for those with specific health issues or a food allergy. For example, if someone suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), they may need to follow an eating plan that includes more fiber and cuts out gluten, which is a common trigger for the condition. A nutrition coach can help their clients make these changes and provide them with sample eating plans to get them started.


You’ve probably seen lots of macro coaches advertising their services on Instagram. Some of them have impressive background stories and fitness experience. Some even have a degree in nutrition. However, they often lack the ability to build a thriving online coaching business. That’s why it is important to take a training course that goes beyond just providing the basic nutrition knowledge you need to get started. Macro Mentorship is one such program that provides the right education and coaching experience to become a successful macro coach.

In addition to learning all of the science behind macronutrients and their role in fat loss, this course also helps you learn how to effectively use social media, email marketing and other tools to grow your online coaching business. It also teaches you how to use various tracking methodologies to help your clients achieve their goals and maintain long-term success.

The Macro Mentorship certification is unlike any other nutrition course I’ve taken. Whether you’re a current fitness professional who wants to add nutrition coaching to your service offerings, or a health and wellness coach who has been wanting to transition into macro coaching, this course is a great investment for anyone who is serious about taking their career to the next level.


Getting a macro coach certification can help you gain credibility and build a thriving business. It can also teach you how to better serve your clients and get them results. However, not all macro coaches are the same and it is important to know what qualifications you should look for when choosing a training program.

There is a huge demand for coaches who can offer nutrition and macro based coaching. Clients are smarter than ever and they know that a cookie-cutter meal plan or 1,200-calorie diet will not get them the results they want. A certified macro nutritionist will be able to design a personalized eating plan that fits their lifestyle and goals.

A macro coach can also help a client manage their medical conditions through diet. For instance, if a client suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, a coach can prepare an eating plan that will reduce the frequency of their symptoms. This can be done through incorporating more fiber and avoiding foods that trigger the condition.

The Macro Mentorship program is a 4 month NASM, ISSA and AFAA approved CEU group coaching program and business course that will teach you how to become a macro coach. It is perfect for online or in-person health, fitness, and nutrition coaches who want to take their skills to the next level. The program will cover topics such as the science of macronutrients, how to calculate the correct ratios, and how to effectively coach clients using the Macro Method. The program will also teach you how to build a thriving coaching business that can be operated from anywhere.

The best macro coaches know the science behind calories and macros. They understand how to help clients find a sustainable approach that will keep them looking and feeling their best for years to come. They also understand that a cookie-cutter, 1,200-calorie diet won’t work. Clients are smarter than ever and that stale, boring food plans…